Adding Texture with Parchment

One of the unique finishes we offer at Normanide Woodworks is parchment. Parchment is made from all different types of animal skins and has a number of interior applications. It is a very sensuous and tactile material, which can add character and warmth to a room.

parchment tables

Set of three Helios side tables in goat parchment

Unlike leather that is tanned, parchment is stretched, scraped, and dried under tension. This process retains a lot of the skin’s natural texture and character, but yields a very stiff material. Working with these types of skins requires a great deal of technical skill.

Parchment on a table

Parchment layed out for a project.


parchment furniture parts

Parchment wrapped parts ready to be assembled.




parchment parts held together with clamps

Clamped parts in goat parchment for a sunburst mirror.


Parchment is available in a number of colors and varying degrees of contrast and texture, which can go from rough and rustic to very refined and luxurious.

Samples of parchment in different colors

Samples of different types of parchment.


close up of parchment case

Detail of a custom case made with different types of parchment.


Parchment has a number of applications. It can be used to add color and texture to cabinet doors, wall paneling, furniture, or lighting.

parchment wall sconce, accent lighting

Wall sconce in parchment and brass.


parchment table top

Table top in deer skin parchment.


parchment tiles

Two different tiles in sheep parchment.


 nightstands in parchment and straw marquetry.

Pair of nightstands in parchment and straw marquetry- design by Yann Jallu.

We would love to hear your ideas for custom projects featuring this finish. To see more of our designs with parchment visit the Elements page of our website. For more ideas, specifications for custom projects, or to order samples, please contact us.