Recycled Brass Bullet Casings – sizes, patterns, and patinas

One of the more popular finishes at Normandie Woodworks is our recycled brass tiles fashioned from spent bullet casings. This finish has a number of interior applications and has been used to adorn mirrors, doors, screens, furniture, even entire walls. (You can learn more about the process and its applications here.) This finish is unique to our company and we are always adding new patterns and sizes to our repertoire as we continue to develop this inovative surface. brass tile patterns

Currently we offer three sizes of tiles. In addition to the 50 caliber and 30 caliber, we are now offering a smaller size, the 556.

brass tile sizes

Three sizes of tile – 50 caliber, 30 caliber, and 556

This new smaller size is thinner which allows us to create a flatter surface. This is advantageous for applications such as table tops where a more uniform surface is necessary.

brass tile table top

556 in a fish scale pattern on our Brass Tile Coffee Table

All three sizes can be used with any of our patterns offering endless possibilities for adding texture and character to any interior.

brass tile cobblestone pattern

50 caliber in cobblestone pattern


brass tile geometric pattern

30 caliber in entrelacs pattern


brass tile geometric pattern

50 caliber butterfly pattern


brass tile geometric pattern

556 in butterfly offset pattern

Different patinas can be derived from using the interior or the exterior of the bullet. The outside of the bullet or the front, as we call it,  has a brighter more uniform patina. The flip side, or the back, has a darker, rugged look to it.

brass tile geometric pattern

50 caliber backs in cobblestone pattern


brass tile geometric pattern

50 caliber backs in entrelacs pattern

Regardless which pattern, size and patina you choose, the texture of the tiles and their warm luminosity create a stunning effect.

brass tile geometric pattern

The Beacon credenza uses 50 and 30 caliber tiles both front and back in a starburst pattern

We would love to hear your ideas for custom projects featuring this finish. To see more of our designs with recycled brass tiles visit the Elements page of our website.  For more ideas, specifications for custom projects, or to order samples, please contact us.