Creating Texture with Recycled Brass

One of the unique finishes we offer at Normandie Woodworks is our recycled brass tile finish fashioned from spent bullet casings. This finish recently won Treniq’s innovative surface competition at the Surface Design Show  in London and was featured in the Bellevue Arts Museum‘s 2016 Biennial on our Beacon Credenza. When used as a wall surface or furniture finish, this versatile material offers endless possibilities for adding texture and character to any interior.

Brass tile pattern on doors

We begin with 30 and 50 caliber bullet casings that have been previously fired. This firing creates an irreplicable patina making each tile unique. Each casing is carefully cut open and hammered flat. The two different sizes of tile can then be arranged in an infinite number of patterns.

fired bullet casings

unopened casings

two sizes of brass tiles

two sizes of tiles

different tile patterns

sample showing ‘entrelacs’, fish scale’, and custom ‘sunburst’ pattern

cobblestone pattern in brass tiles

30 caliber tiles in a cobblestone pattern

These tile patterns can then be used in a number of interior applications. Whether they adorn mirrors, doors, screens, furniture, an entire wall, or just the trim, the texture of the tiles and their warm patina create a unique and stunning effect.

Beacon Credenza with recycled brass tiles

Beacon Credenza

Bar front with recycled brass tiles

custom bar front with ‘entrelacs’ pattern

We would love to hear your ideas for custom projects featuring this finish. To see more of our designs with recycled brass tiles visit the Elements page of our website.  For more ideas, specifications for custom projects, or to order samples, please contact us.