• Star shaped hanging planter by Normandie Woodworks, a modern custom furniture maker.
  • detail of star shaped hanging planter with brass hardware
  • detail of leaves peeking out of star shaped hanging planter

This mid-century star shaped hanging planter is an icosahedron étoilé and was inspired by the collaborative works of luminaries Luca Pacioli and Leonardo DeVinci on divine proportion. Brass hardware on the interior secure cables for hanging and hold a ceramic pot for planting. The skeletal form, which allows for light and growth, is made up of 20 pyramids and breaks into two parts to allow for planting. Pictured in brushed bleached Oak.

Element Name

Luminary – Mid-Century Hanging Planter


Brushed bleached Oak, brass hardware, stainless steel cables


24" in all directions

Custom Orders

Let us know if you are interested in a different species or size. All of our furniture is made to order so you get exactly what you want.